What are the Best Ways to Consume CBD?

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What are the best ways to consume CBD?

With the types of CBD products available in the fast-growing market it might be hard to know which are the best ways to consume CBD. For some, one delivery method might be ideal, while for others, a different delivery method might suit their needs better. What are some of the factors that determine what the best ways to consume CBD are? One factor, of course, is personal preference. We’ll take a look at some of the better options for consuming CBD and explain why other options might not be the best method.

The Best Ways to Consume CBD

Now we’ll get into discussing some of the best ways to consume CBD and why they’re considered an ideal option. We’ll save the least ideal ways to consume CBD for the end. As we mentioned, a lot of it has to do with what method works best for you and your body.

CBD Tincture

Using a CBD tincture is one of the best ways to consume CBD because it is versatile and has a decent bioavailability. Your body is able to start absorbing the CBD from sublingual glands under your tongue, which gets CBD into your bloodstream a little faster than some other methods. Within minutes, CBD is working its way through your body.

CBD tinctures are versatile because they don’t have to only be used orally. While that is the best way to use tinctures, there are more applications. If a specific CBD product isn’t available in your local area and ordering online takes too long – you can make some CBD products using tinctures at home yourself.

Additional ways to use CBD tinctures:

  • DIY topicals
  • DIY facial scrubs and lotions
  • CBD beverages
  • Salad dressings, vinaigrettes and herb oils
  • In your shampoo/conditioner
  • Add to toothpaste

These are just a few additional ways to use CBD tinctures. There are dozens of other ways to incorporate a CBD tincture into your daily routine. It can be added to almost any meal as an addition before you eat and can even be used in homemade ice cream toppings. The available options of CBD tinctures at Canna Trading Co. allows you multiple options for using CBD tinctures and helps you find what the best ways to consume CBD are for you if your preferred product is a tincture.

CBD Vape

CBD vape is another of the best ways to consume CBD because it is easy to use, it’s a fast delivery method and it’s discreet. There are a variety of flavors of CBD vape to choose from with Canna Trading Co., many of which replicate the flavors of some of the more popular cannabis strains. With vape, you can choose a traditional battery and cartridge setup or a disposable CBD vape pen. Disposables are not intended to be refilled or reused.

Another benefit of CBD vape, and another reason it is one of the best ways to consume CBD, is that your lungs are able to absorb some of the CBD and start distributing it to your body through your bloodstream.

The bioavailability of vape varies though. This is because some people take larger hits than others and the time in which you hold the vapor in also plays a role, as does the amount of CBD in the vape itself.

It’s one of the most popular methods for its ease of use and quick delivery of CBD to the body.

CBD Capsules

While we’re not putting the best ways to consume CBD in order, CBD capsules are on the list of best options. Capsules deliver a measured, accurate dose of CBD. They can be taken with breakfast, dinner or even a snack. The way the capsules are made does vary as some companies use CBD oil within a capsule and others make dried, encapsulated formulas. Canna Trading Co.’s CBD capsules do use dried hemp CBD extract as it is often easier to digest.

For those with sensitive stomachs or frequent nausea, the method of using CBD capsules made with dry hemp CBD extract may just be a better option since there isn’t much to worry about as far as further stomach upset.

What you must remember about CBD capsules is that the effects are delayed due to your body needing to digest and distribute the contents. This also means that you will lose a little bit of the CBD due to this process. The bioavailability of CBD via capsule is a little less than tincture or vape, but it still remains one of the best ways to consume CBD.

Canna Trading Co. CapsulesCBD Flower

CBD flower is really just catching on as something to really look at in the industry. Hemp flowers can be smoked, which is another of the best ways to consume CBD because it is in its most natural form. CBD flower may not be available in all areas yet and it is causing quite the confusing situation for law enforcement agencies across the company. Many of these agencies only have testing technology that can detect THC, but not the concentration of THC – so some people have found themselves in a legal pickle even though they’re possessing CBD flower and not cannabis.

If you choose to use CBD flower, always keep it in its original packaging and keep the receipt with you.

Not the Best, but Still Merit-Worthy Ways to Consume CBD

There are other ways to consume CBD, such as CBD edibles. It is important to consider the loss of CBD during the digestion and distribution process in your body, which reduces the amount of CBD your body is actually able to use (bioavailability). That being said, edibles may not be the best way to go. If the CBD edible contains a small amount of CBD as it is, such as 10 mg as an example, your body isn’t really getting 10 mg of CBD – it’s a fraction of that.

Now, edibles that are in the form of beverages, like CBD water, do have a little higher bioavailability since some is absorbed as the liquid enters your mouth. The same is possible for hard candies that have CBD in them.

Closing Thoughts

Part of determining the best ways to consume CBD for you is what method you prefer. What is easier for you? Which method suits your body’s needs and your lifestyle? How much CBD does your body need? All of these items are factors and, as we mentioned, the bioavailability of CBD varies from product type to product type.

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