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What Cannabis Strains Contain the Most THC?

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Have you been looking for cannabis strains that contain higher THC percentages? Some may have high tolerances from heavier use and others may just want to be able to use less to achieve a desired state of relief. While these strains are not available in all legal markets, requesting them may provoke cultivators to seek seed suppliers that carry them. This guide will answer the question of what cannabis strains contain the most THC.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush has been a favorite of recreational and medicinal consumers for years. It is a hybrid with a 75/25 indica dominance. It is a super heavy hitter that may put novice consumers directly to sleep.

It tastes like grapes and works well to alleviate muscle spasms, insomnia, depression, anxiety and different types of pain. Feelings of euphoria set in quickly.

Purple Kush is known to test high at 27.5-percent when grown under the proper conditions.

Given the popularity and medicinal uses of Purple Kush, it should be available in most medical cannabis markets. It is also rather easy for cultivators to obtain seeds or clones to make this strain available. If your local dispensary doesn’t carry it, request it.


Chemdawg is gaining popularity in medical cannabis markets across the country. It’s rather pungent aroma and flavor may require incense, candles or other odor masking practices. It combines OG Kush and Sour Diesel. When properly cultivated, this should be a strain that you can smell from across the room.

A full body high should be the most noticeable effect at first, but it mellows out to relaxation with motivation after a little bit. The Sour Diesel inclusion may produce the munchies. Although Sour Diesel is a sativa, getting a little greedy and using a little too much may make you a little sleepy.

When cultivated in optimum conditions, this strain can test as high as 28-percent.

Godfather OG

Godfather OG is the combination of 3 well known strains – Grandaddy Purps, OG Kush and Cherry Pie. This combination puts the strain in the indica category. It produces cerebral effects that mellow out to comfortable euphoria. First, you should expect to feel happy and as the effects settle in, relaxation sets in. Couchlock is almost definite with Godfather OG.

It is a remarkably potent strain testing as high as 34-percent under ideal cultivation conditions, but averages at least 25-percent THC.

White Tahoe Cookies

White Tahoe Cookies is part of a love triangle between Girl Scout Cookies (GSC on most menus), Tahoe OG and The White. If your mind races, anxiety plagues you and relaxation is just what the doctor ordered, this may be a strain to seek out on dispensary and recreational cannabis menus. Its predominantly found in West Coast states.

The flavor is similar to Sour Diesel in that it is citrusy and skunky.

It’s a good option for afternoon, evening and nighttime use. Using a bit too much may require a snack and perhaps a nap.

Typical THC levels for this strain average around 27-percent.

Motorbreath #15

Motorbreath #15 isn’t very well known. It’s not available in many markets. If you have depression, mood swings or stress that affects your mood, this may be a good strain to locate. It is also a good option for those with pain, mobility issues and spasms.

Buds on this strain may be a little smaller, but grind up fluffy. The plant tends to be shorter but plump.

The effects are felt in both the head and body.

Typical THC results are around 28-percent with a small CBD concentration of 0.15-percent, on average.

Irish Cream

Crossbreeding Cookies and Cream with Real McCoy resulted in the creation of Irish Cream. The flavor, however, does not coincide with its name. Irish Cream has an herbaceous and piney flavor. The effects begin cerebrally but quickly improve mood, increase social engagement and help you relax.

Once the body effects kick in, sedative effects set in and it may be time for a nap. It’s a strain for nighttime use.

It may be a good option for those with severe pain, high stress, depression and anxiety.

This strain should test around 27-percent THC or higher.

Rude Boi

Rude Boi is named after it’s founder. It’s a hybrid blend of Faceoff OG, Irene OG and OG Kush. This strain is for the experienced cannabis user as it offers a trifecta of effects, often triggering conversation followed up by relaxation and just feeling mellow. The Faceoff OG component makes this a good candidate for those with high stress and significant pain.

Typical THC results are just under 27-percent under optimal growing conditions.

Strawberry Banana

If you enjoy sweet tasting and smelling cannabis, Strawberry Banana may be one to add to your list. It’s a cross between Strawberry Bubblegum and Crocket’s Banana Kush with a 70-percent indica dominance.

While Strawberry Banana typically tests around 26-percent THC, it has tested as high as 31.62-percent.

You’ll notice the taste of strawberry on inhale and banana on exhale. The effects begin cerebrally to relax your body and focus your mind. It has heavy sedative properties, so couchlock is almost expected. For those with pain, insomnia, PTSD and depression, it may be a good tool to keep in your strain rotation.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman isn’t easy to grow. Some cultivators produce beautiful plants but end up with lower THC results. You should expect a strong head high from this strain. You body should feel energized, and slightly buzzed.

It’s recognizable by dark green leaves, with hints of bright white and abundant red hairs. Novice users may want to avoid this strain because it is quite strong.

Typical THC results range between 25 and 29-percent.

Ice Wreck

Ice Wreck is another strain that you may not see in every region. It’s the love child of Trainwreck and Ice. This hybrid is a comfortable 50/50 blend of sativa and indica but quickly brings on a cerebral high. It mellows out to be a nice, relaxing body high.

It tends to test at or above 27-percent THC.

For those with anxiety or other paranoia disorders, you may want to avoid this strain as some experience a bit of anxiety and paranoia from Trainwreck.

Closing Thoughts

The key to having a pleasant experience with high-THC cannabis strains is to microdose. A little bit goes a very long way. Using a higher THC strain on a regular basis may also increase your tolerance quickly, which may leave you needing more flower to achieve your desired medicated state. You may have to take a break from cannabis for as long as a week to help your body reset and then start with lower THC strains to prevent a tolerance from building up quickly again.


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