Top “What CBD” Questions Answered

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Top "What CBD" Questions Answered

When it comes to the most commonly asked “what CBD” questions, the list is long. We’ll take a look at the top few today. It’s commonly asked what CBD products to use for a specific symptom or condition, that is something that we can answer directly should you contact us via social media, by phone, on live chat or via email. The FDA would see us saying that you should use a specific product for a specific reason as making a health claim, which the CBD industry cannot do. So, to tackle questions like this, we’re taking a different approach.

What Type of CBD is the Best?

This is the top “what CBD” question asked. There are 4 types of CBD oil – full spectrum, broad spectrum from full spectrum, broad spectrum from isolate and isolate. Isolate is only CBD. Broad spectrum from isolate includes all of the cannabinoids within the plant except THC. Broad spectrum from full spectrum has just undergone and additional process to remove more of the THC but still leaves some in the oil. Full spectrum contains all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids that are present in the plant.

Isolate and broad spectrum from isolate cannot achieve the entourage effect. The entourage effect is only possible when all of the cannabinoids are present. When one is removed, it takes a cannabinoid out of the original composition of the plant and throws off its synergy with other cannabinoids.

CBD structure

CBD Structure

What is the Right CBD Dose?

Another one of the most asked “what CBD” questions is what the right dose is. This is something that can’t be answered with a generic, standardized response because everyone’s body needs something different. CBD doses, just as any cannabinoid dose, are individualized. What works for you may not work for someone else.

We suggest starting with our suggested doses, which is 1 dropper once or twice a day of tinctures and a capsule or two a day. Topicals and creams, you can use those as you need to. You can also use our CBD dabs and vape as you need to.

Bioavailability plays a role too. This is the amount of CBD that is actually available to your body. Depending on your method of consumption, the bioavailability is going to vary. Other factors also play a role in bioavailability. Please review our guide on Why the Bioavailability of CBD Matters.

What is the Right CBD Product for Me?

We can help you determine what the right CBD product for you is with a simple conversation. For some CBD users, using more than one product is ideal. As with dose, the method of consumption that you choose is based upon your individual needs. For some, using a topical and a tincture is ideal. For other, just a tincture or vape does the trick.

It really depends on what you prefer and what your lifestyle is. If your body needs fast-acting delivery methods then we would suggest tinctures, topicals and vape. Dabs are also a quick delivery method. Inhaled CBD products are able to get to your bloodstream a little faster than capsules. Tinctures also make their way to your bloodstream faster than some other methods.

Canna Trading Co product line

What do CBD Lab Results Tell Me?

We take a lot of questions regarding CBD lab results. Lab results are very important. Companies that do not publish their lab test results should be avoided – it’s often a signal that they are hiding something or just don’t want to show consumers what’s really in their products. At Canna Trading Co., we want our customers to know what is in their products. We want to prove that our products are what we say they are and contain only safe, natural ingredients. We want you to know that your products are free of harmful chemicals.

We have a guide available to help you decipher CBD lab test results.

If you look at our lab results and have questions, please feel free to contact us and ask. We are more than happy to help you understand what you’re looking at.

What Sets Canna Trading Co. Apart from Other CBD Companies?

We get this question more often that you might think. Canna Trading Co. is a unique company. We take the time to visit hemp farms to ensure that their cultivation practices are organic, safe and are superior to others. We start with only the best hemp possible. We are picky about the hemp farmers that we choose to work with.

Canna Trading Co. also manufactures products in small batches. We’re a “craft CBD” company, so-to-speak. The thing about CBD oil is, it naturally crystallizes over time. We don’t want you to experience that so we prefer to manufacture in small batches. Canna Trading Co. makes products based upon the orders that come in. There are no shelves full of CBD products waiting to be ordered, that isn’t how we operate.

Using this process not only helps us keep the cost down for you, but it also ensures that you’re getting the freshest CBD products possible. It also helps us maintain our extremely high quality standards. If we won’t use it, we don’t offer it to our customers. If it isn’t perfect, we won’t ship it out until it is. We take what we do very seriously.

What Type of CBD Flavorings Are the Best?

Flavored CBD products are quickly becoming top sellers. The flavor of unflavored cannabidiol oil isn’t for everyone. When it comes to the type of flavorings used – we keep it natural. We use plant-based terpenes and non-alcohol extracted flavorings. Our peppermint and vanilla flavorings are non-alcohol extracted to prevent an unpleasant aftertaste. We use plant-based terpenes in our other formulas, which provide their flavor.

Terpenes are found in just about every living plant, tree and shrub on the planet. Terpenes have accepted and recognized therapeutic benefits. Their use in our formulas is for more than one reason.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that this helps answer some of the “what CBD” questions you’ve had. Please reach out if you need additional information. We enjoy helping our customers understand what they’re using. We want you to feel confident taking CBD and we’ll even take the time to help you figure out what the best dose for you is.

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