What to Avoid When Buying CBD

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We’ve told you what to look for when buying CBD online and how to buy CBD products, but we haven’t told you what to avoid when buying CBD. It’s important to us at Canna Trading Co. to inform our readers of every aspect of purchasing CBD to ensure that you’re buying a safe, clean product. As we’ve mentioned a few times, all CBD products are not created equally.

Where Not to Buy CBD

There are a few places that you should avoid when buying CBD. Not all retailers are up-to-speed on what a safe, quality product is and what isn’t. The types of retailers you should avoid, and why, are listed below.

Mall Kiosk Retailers

CBD kiosk sellers are popping up in malls everywhere. This is one option to avoid when buying CBD. The reason being – you have no idea where it came from. Unless this company has a valid website with lab testing results and credibility – avoid this option.

kiosks avoid when buying CBD

Recreational Cannabis Retailers

Recreational cannabis retailers are catering to a different type of clientele – those that want to feel the effects of THC.  It’s important to read the labels and see what the ratio of CBD to THC is – you might find that some have a 5:1 THC to CBD ratio – meaning, you will get high from it. Many CBD users choose CBD because they don’t want to be impaired.


Groupon doesn’t look into the validity of a retailer. A lot of the CBD products you see listed on this type of source aren’t quality – in fact, some aren’t even CBD oil at all. If there is a link to a company website, scrutinize that website thoroughly before determining if you want to purchase this product or not. If you do not see contact information, lab-testing information and a complete website when clicking a link from sources like Groupon – this is a brand to avoid when buying CBD.

Where to Buy CBD

There are places that are safe to buy CBD – like directly from us here at Canna Trading Co. We manufacture our CBD products in-house and select every ingredient carefully using only the purest ingredients. When you buy your CBD products from us, you can see the most recent lab testing results, we have methods of contact and we provide you with education and clear descriptions.

Medical cannabis dispensaries and brick and mortar locations are also ideal for purchasing CBD products. Dispensaries are typically very careful about what products they choose to carry.

Canna Trading Co. is available, live and in person at the Baywood Farmer’s Market in Los Osos, California. We’ll be available to answer your questions in person and have our products on-hand for you to purchase. It’s important for us to be out in the community making personal connections. Yes, you can buy our CBD products from our website, but we also want to offer locals the option to visit us in person.

Other acceptable places to buy CBD:

  • Health food stores – these retailers are typically very strict about what types of products they buy
  • Amazon – only if the company has a website and clear descriptions. Amazon is very strict about what retailers can say and what types of products can be listed. These products will be listed as hemp oil since Amazon does not permit the use of CBD in its language yet. If you see hemp seed oil and no mention of hemp oil, it doesn’t contain cannabinoids and avoid the product
  • Hemp or CBD specific retailers – In some states there are entire stores that are dedicated to hemp and CBD. These retailers research products prior to putting them on the shelves. A retailer isn’t going to buy a product to resell if they don’t believe it’s acceptable quality.

Canna Trading Co product lineThings to Avoid when Buying CBD

We’ve given you a little insight already, but now we’ll get down to exactly what to avoid when buying CBD. These tips can be used when you’re buying any type of CBD product, not just CBD oil or tinctures. The types of CBD products available in today’s market continues to increase as manufacturer creativity and interest in CBD increases.

Avoid Inflated CBD Content

There are those CBD companies that say there’s a certain amount of CBD in a product but that really isn’t the case. Some companies are just out there to take advantage of consumers and make money. If you come across a CBD product that does not have a specific amount of CBD listed on the label at least once, steer clear of this manufacturer.

Another red flag to look for in this instance is saying 100 mg of cannabinoids. What cannabinoids are they talking about? You might also see 100 mg of hemp extract – is it hemp seed oil or hemp oil? There are zero cannabinoids in hemp seeds. Hemp oil contains CBD. Hemp extract may or may not depending on what the extract is – you have to look and ask questions.

Also, if you see something like 1000 CBD @ 20% — the amount of CBD in this product is 800 mg. It is diluted or may contain other “plant material” that should not be included in CBD content.

As we’ve mentioned already – if there is no lab report that shows exactly how much of every ingredient is in the product and that it’s free of contaminants, metals and chemicals – avoid when buying CBD because these are not quality products.

Fake CBD Products

Fake CBD products still exist. Some companies are marketing a CBD product that contains no actual CBD. Hemp oil is acceptable, because, as we spoke of earlier, some online sources like Amazon don’t allow the use of the term CBD. Hemp oil and CBD oil are the same thing. If it says hemp seed oil, as we’ve said, it doesn’t contain any CBD.

Here’s another tip – many credible CBD manufacturers list “active CBD”. If a product doesn’t say “active CBD”, look for another source.

CBD tincture AlchemyCost

Price does matter somewhat. Every CBD manufacturer has a different price, and this is to be expected. Always compare and contrast.

When figuring value, look for these things:

  • Milligrams of CBD in the product
  • Total volume of the bottle
  • Cost per milligram
  • Additional ingredients (are they organic, naturally-sourced ingredients)

CBD companies do have costs associated with manufacturing their products and do have additional overhead costs. These costs, just like any other product or business, are included in the price. The company also needs to make a little bit on the products sold. Canna Trading Co. firmly believes in fair pricing standards. We offer the freshest, purest CBD products available at prices that fit most budgets – we also offer discounts for those that subscribe for auto-delivery. We believe in delivering quality at an affordable price.

Closing Thoughts

Now that we’ve helped you learn what to avoid when buying CBD, we hope that you are able to decipher quality from those that are just trying to make a buck. It is important, as a consumer, that you have the necessary tools to make informed, educated purchases. You work hard for your money, make sure it’s being spent on a product that is what it says it is.

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