Answers to the top “Why CBD” Questions

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Answers to the top Why CBD questions

Why CBD is something that CBD users, the CBD industry and inquiring minds want to know. The words why and CBD find themselves in dozens of the same questions every single day. We’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked why CBD questions to help you understand this versatile cannabinoid a little better. The answers here will also help you answer these questions when friends, family, co-workers and others ask them.

Why CBD Products are More Expensive

One of the most commonly asked why CBD questions is why it is expensive. The same product with one company can cost far more with another. That is just the fluctuation of the industry that is not tightly regulated yet. Yes, more of the cannabinoid becoming available. Yes, the prices of hemp biomass are going down – but the process of extracting CBD costs the same.

Just because there is more hemp being cultivated, that doesn’t mean that it costs any less to extract the CBD oil. That being said, Canna Trading Co. believes in fair pricing. This is why we keep our products affordably priced. We even offer sample sizes of our 3 most popular tinctures so that you can see if you like the product and if it works for you before committing to a larger bottle. The sample sizes are available individually or as a bundle.

Sample Size Canna Trading Tinctures

Some companies are simply cashing in on a trend – which isn’t fair to consumers. CBD beauty products and spa services are some of the most expensive in the industry. Yes, these are fairly new, but just because a product contains CBD that doesn’t mean that it’s an opportunity to jack up prices.

Canna Trading Co. uses terpenes and natural flavorings along with only the highest quality naturally sourced ingredients. We provide quality without exorbitant prices. There are also companies that mass produce in large quantities, Canna Trading Co. doesn’t. What most CBD companies won’t tell you is that CBD can crystallize over time – this is just a natural process and it happens. So, to prevent that and to prevent you from getting a product that’s been sitting on a shelf waiting for purchase, our hemp cannabidiol products are crafted in small batches as orders come in. We only want you to have the freshest hemp cannabidiol products available. This also helps us to reduce waste so that we can keep our prices affordable for you.

Why Cannabidiol Bath Bombs Aren’t Widely Available

We have told you how to make CBD bath bombs but this isn’t a product that Canna Trading Co. will be offering. Why? It’s pretty impossible to know how much CBD your skin is actually going to soak in. There are several factors to consider with 1 being the size of your bathtub and how much water is in that bathtub. There are so many different sizes of tubs and everyone fills their tub to different levels. Since we wouldn’t be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of how much of the cannabinoid your body would receive through this method, it isn’t a product we choose to offer.

Sure, CBD bath bombs sound like a great idea, and they might be great for some people, but this is one of the reasons that CBD bath bombs aren’t widely available. They’re considered a novelty item – something that companies just see as something that is trending in another industry that cannabidiol can be tossed in and marketed for a higher price. Canna Trading Co. won’t be following that trend.

This also falls in line with questions like why CBD in skincare products? Your skin can absorb some CBD and some science suggests that it may support skin health. Now, Canna Trading Co. does offer Renew CBD Facial Cream. We have chosen ingredients that nourish the skin and have added 200 mg of CBD to the formula. Your skin will absorb a small amount of CBD with moisturizers and skin creams – a few milligrams is expected to be absorbed.

Why CBD Goes Under the Tongue?

So many people wonder why one of the ideal ways to take CBD is under the tongue. Under your tongue there are little glands called sublingual glands. The sublingual glands are able to absorb some of the cannabidiol and start sending it to your bloodstream. It’s a fast delivery method with a fast absorption rate. Even if you are vaping cannabinoids, those glands in your mouth are absorbing some of the vapor as you inhale and exhale.

Inhaling cannabidiol vapor via vape cartridge or disposable vape pen are also fast delivery methods as your lungs are able to absorb and distribute CBD directly to your bloodstream.

This is one reason that CBD is often taken under the tongue or vaped – fast delivery, fast distribution, fast working.

Hugely Popular

Why CBD is so popular can be broken down into one simple answer – it has dozens of applications. There are a myriad of reasons that it is so popular but its versatility tops the list. CBD can be put into dozens of products. The wide variety of products containing cannabinoids continues to grow as society’s trends, needs and preferences change.

The idea is to make a  product available for people of every lifestyle. Some may not want to vape – we get that, so that is why the industry has ingestibles and topicals available. Cannabidiol is available in a method of consumption for just about anyone.

The popularity also has to do with the non-intoxicating effects. You don’t actually “feel” anything when it starts to take effect in your body. There aren’t any dangerous chemicals in cannabidiol products – at least there shouldn’t be. CBD is used by people and pets of all ages – from toddlers to elders. Society is shifting away from manmade wellness products and is shifting more toward alternative, natural options.

Closing Thoughts

These are just a few of the most asked why CBD questions. In our next guide, we’ll offer the answers to other commonly asked  questions. You have questions, we have answers. We enjoy helping our community understand more about cannabinoids and are always happy to help. If you have more questions about some of the topics tackled here, please do not hesitate to reach out via email at, use our live chat feature on our website or give us a call at 760-493-4367 (HEMP).

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