Why You Need to View Lab Reports before Buying CBD

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Why you Need to View Lab Reports before Buying CBD

As more CBD companies come into the CBD market, it’s important to ensure that the CBD you’re buying is safe and clean. When it comes to lab reports and CBD, there are several factors to look for. Canna Trading Co. tests all of our products and proudly displays our lab results under the Lab Test Results tab on our website.

We always stress to our readers and customers to look at lab reports. It’s an important part of buying safe and clean CBD products.

Below we’ll discuss why viewing lab reports and CBD ingredient lists are important.

CBD Products Aren’t Regulated

Even though the 2018 Farm Bill has removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and deems the plant an agricultural crop, the FDA hasn’t issued guidelines for the sale of CBD products yet. It might be a while before those regulations are issued. So, for now, it’s a “buyer beware” type of situation.

It’s up to the consumer to do their homework when it comes to buying CBD products, whether it’s in person or online.

CBD isn’t regulated because it’s in the same plant family as cannabis. Although these two plants are in the same family, they’re quite different. They’ve been categorized as the same and treated the same for decades.

For CBD from hemp to be legal, the hemp plants must pass state and federal testing requirements. This means that the hemp plant cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. The hemp farmer must also be licensed within their state to grow hemp.

Choosing a CBD Company to Buy From

There are a lot of CBD companies to choose from. This is why we always stress that looking at lab results and CBD ingredient lists and labels is so important. Examine a CBD company’s website well first. Do they have an FAQ section? Is there a way to contact the company directly? Is there informational information (a blog) on their website? Are their product descriptions complete? Are there lab test results available? What is their mission statement?

Since it’s hard for a CBD company to receive reviews due to restrictions on what can be said, not all CBD companies have a review section available. Customers can’t say that a product helped with a specific health condition or “cured” or “healed” anything, so a lot of CBD companies forego allowing reviews for this purpose.

When it comes to the ingredients, are they all natural? One of the reasons that consumers choose to use CBD is because it is natural – the ingredients in the product should also be natural. Organic is best, and Canna Trading Co. does offer naturally-derived terpenes, flavorings and organic olive oil. The CBD oil that we use also comes from American hemp farmers with organic growing practices. We only want the best ingredients for our formulas.

Canna Trading Co product lineManufacturing Process

How does the company make their products? Canna Trading Co. is unique. We don’t have premade products sitting on shelves in our manufacturing facility waiting for customers to order them. Our vape cartridges are made to order, meaning they’re not made until you order them. When it comes to tinctures, we make enough to fill the incoming orders. Why do we use this process? Because CBD naturally crystallizes over time. We want our customers to have the freshest CBD products possible.

Every batch is third-party tested. We display our lab results and CBD ingredients so that you can see that what you’re buying is clean, pure and contains the CBD that we list on the label. We want you to know what you’re getting because we care about our customers and the quality of the products we make.

Company Standards

Look for a company that has standards as strict as ours if you need to buy locally. If you need CBD products now and can’t wait for a product to be shipped, use the checklist we’ve included below.

Labe Reports and CBD Checklist:

  • Visible lab tests available
  • Passing results on all sections of the lab test
  • Natural ingredients
  • Means to contact the company directly
  • Complete information regarding products
  • Fair pricing
  • Accurate labels

Companies, like Canna Trading Co., that display their lab results and offer a wealth of information for consumers do their best to remain as transparent as possible. Transparency proves that we have nothing to hide, our products are clean and they are what we say they are.

Reading Lab Reports and CBD Product Labels

Reading lab reports and CBD product labels might be a little confusing. Some companies will list lab reports as CoAs or Certificates of Analysis. Check the date. While some companies only put up one lab report that can be quite old, it’s best to ensure that the lab report is recent.

Canna Trading Lab Test ImageWhat to Look for on a Lab Report

There are several sections on lab reports and CBD content is just one thing to look for. Here, we’ll give you a look at exactly what you should pay attention to on these lab reports. Canna Trading Co. not only tests for purity to ensure that no pesticides, heavy metals or contaminants of any kind are in the CBD oil we use. We also test for CBD content as well as the presence of other cannabinoids. At Canna Trading Co. ensure that every element tested for passes. We will not accept CBD oil that does not 100% pass lab testing.

Every state has regulations when it comes to the safety of CBD and cannabis products.

Key items to look for:

  • CBD percentage – this indicates how much CBD is actually in the sample indicating potency
  • THC percentage – to be legal, hemp-derived CBD must be less than 0.3% THC
  • Additional Cannabinoid inclusions – these will be listed as THCa, CBDa, CBN, CBC and other cannabinoids.
  • Pesticides – Canna Trading Co. only uses CBD that is grown using organic cultivation methods. When reviewing lab results, ensure that all chemical pesticides are under the action limits listed within that section of the lab test
  • Residual Solvents – Solvents are used in most extraction processes. CO2 extraction is one of the safest methods. Ensure that all residual solvents are well under the action limit. A sample cannot pass testing if solvents or pesticides are above action limits. If the original certificate of analysis does not say pass under each section, avoid buying products from that manufacturer.
  • LOQ -When you see LOQ mentioned on a lab test, this is level or limit of quantification. This is the lowest amount that a lab actually tests for for most labs, the actual LOQ for that state isn’t always listed. So, if you see THC listed at <LOQ, that means it is less than the lowest amount of THC that the state requires the lab to test for and is less than what the legal threshold is.

It is important to review every section of a lab report. When it comes to lab reports and CBD, ensuring that every section passes is of the utmost importance. Passing all sections of required testing helps ensure that the product you’re buying is clean and safe.

Closing Thoughts

Should you have any questions regarding Canna Trading Co.’s posted lab reports, such assistance reading them, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to help! If you come across a CBD company that doesn’t have lab results and CBD products are sold by them – steer clear.

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